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A strong (if not the strongest) predictor of academic success is the size of one's vocabulary.
That's why building a strong vocabulary is so important!

Whether you are an adult learning English or a teacher trying to do the best you can for your English language learners you must know the importance of a strong vocabulary. Our books are different because most of them focus on building FOUNDATIONAL (basic) vocabulary, the words people use when talking about their daily life. Our books provide a systematic way of learning the words of daily life. Click on the books below and find out more about them, have a peek inside, and see how they can help you reach your goals.

Adult illustrated Dictionary Book Cover

A visual dictionary
for ages 18+

These are the words you really NEED to know to feel confident when talking about your life and daily events.  Knowing them will improve your ability to understand what you hear and read.  

Adult Workbook Covers

A workbook with answers
for ages 14+

If you are an individual trying to learn the English language or a teacher looking for meaningful activities for your adult ELL classes, this one-of-a-kind resource is what you need.  It teaches the American words everyone REALLY needs to know to talk about things around their house. Knowing these words will also be helpful when your students are talking with their own children. If your students will teach these words to their own children, that will improve their children's reading comprehension, too. WOW!

Illustrated Dictionary Book Cover

A visual dictionary
for ages 7 - 18

These are the exact words children need to know to help with reading comprehension and to talk and write about their daily activities. A must-have easy reference for your guided and shared reading spaces, and a wonderful resource in a writing center or classroom reference library.

3 Everything Has A Name Workbook Covers

A Series of Activity Packs
for ages 6 - 9

These activity packs are filled with words children need to know, but you might have forgotten to tell them.  See how each level is appropriately scaffolded. They are perfect for building important vocabulary, practicing phonics and spelling rules.  Includes a teacher resource manual to help you make the most of your lessons.

Parts of Everyday Things Cover

A parent-child book sharing resource
for ages 3 - 8

These colorful photographs with parts labeled are great for parent-child talk and learn sessions. It is filled with ideas and suggested activities to prepare young children for successful reading, writing and learning in general. It is filled with important words children need to know, but parents might forget to tell them. 

Family Learning Time Spanish Book cover

A parent-child workbook
for ages 4 - 8

(Spanish Edition - Also available in English Edition)

Simple show and talk activities to teach the vocabulary that children need the most for successful reading, writing and learning in general.

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