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A strong (if not the strongest) predictor of academic success is the size of one's vocabulary.
That's why building a strong vocabulary is so important!

Good for you! You have decided to take the responsibility of giving your children a top-notch education. To prepare them for a productive adult life and perhaps higher education. You are brave and smart enough to know you need help! The one thing you can give them that will impact ALL their learning is a strong vocabulary. These books, written by Janet Caruthers, Ed. S., a teacher, Academic Intervention Specialist and an Educational Specialist in Reading will help. They are filled with ideas, activities and information that will make you feel and sound like an expert! Click on the books below and find out more about them, have a peek inside, and see how they can help you reach your goals.

The New Book of Knowledge Book Cover

A teacher resource book
for ages 7 - adult

A resource book to build vocabulary and general knowledge. Filled with interesting, practical ideas to increase reading comprehension and to improve writing by adding precise details, elaboration, and demonstrating a mature command of the language.



Expert Advice

Reading with School-age Children

Vocabulary Information

Testing Help

Fluency: Words Children Need to know Instantly

Overcoming 5 Obstacles to Reading Comprehension

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Illustrated Dictionary Book Cover

A visual dictionary
for ages 6 - adult

These are the exact words your children need to know to help with reading comprehension and to talk and write about their daily activities. It is a great resource for your home library.



Word Analysis Book Cover

A workbook with answer key
for ages 9 - adult

Knowing these interchangeable word parts increases your students' reading and listening vocabulary by thousands of words, helping them become INDEPENDENT LEARNERS. If YOU learn them, you will be amazed at how many "teachable moments”  you will seize throughout your day. After teaching a set or two, watch how your children become more conscious of words they read and hear.

Flashcard Book Cover

 12 sets of electronic flashcards
for ages 9 - adult

These electronic flashcards transition automatically and can be loaded onto individual computers for independent practice. They are an important part of any word analysis unit. They can be used with/without the book offered on this site, Word Analysis: Unlocking the Meaning of Words.

3 Everything Has A Name Book Covers

A series of Activity Packs
for kindergarten - grade 3+

These workbooks are filled with words children need to know, but you might have forgotten to tell them.  See how each level is appropriately scaffolded. They are perfect for building important vocabulary and practicing phonics and spelling rules.  Includes teacher resource manuals to help you make the most of your lessons.


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