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Research shows that children with strong vocabularies become better readers
and can learn new things easier and faster.

You want to be sure your child becomes a successful reader.  The best way to prepare your child for successful reading is to give him/her the gift of a HUGE listening vocabulary. How do you do this?  First, of course you talk to your child.  Research indicates that the more different words your child hears before entering school, determines the number of new words he learns at school.  Also, reading to your child daily is important.  Would you like to know some simple things you can do when sharing those precious book-sharing minutes, that will help with developing reading readiness and reading comprehension? These books, written by an Educational Specialist in reading are filled with information for you and words your child needs to know, but you might forget to tell him.  Click here to learn more about the impact of listening vocabulary on beginning reading.  You will be amazed!  Click on the books below and find out more about them, have a peek inside, and see how they can help you reach your goals.

Parts of Everyday Things Cover with 3 pages showing.

A parent-child book sharing resource
for ages 3 - 8

Filled with ideas and suggested activities to prepare your child for successful reading, writing and learning in general. It is filled with important words your child needs to know, but you might have forgotten to tell him/her.



Expert Advice

Develop Reading Readiness

Reading with
Infants- Preschoolers

Fluency: Words Children Need to Know Instantly

Listening Vocabulary: The Magic of Your Child's Listening Vocabulary

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Family Learning Time Cover

A parent-child workbook
for ages 4 - 8

Simple show and talk activities to teach the vocabulary that children need the most for successful reading, writing and learning in general.

Workbook A Front Cover

Activity pages
For ages 5 - 7

This can be used as a Learning Coloring Book. Great for whole class or individual lessons. In a 10-15 minute "lesson", you can build vocabulary, practice following oral directions, and learn phonics and spelling rules!  Children love coloring and especially when it is with an adult. ("Let's color the paws brown.  What other animals have paws? Which color should we make the tail?  How can we spell tail?  The 'a' says its name..." A teaching manual is included.

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