Our books were first written as reference books to help speakers of other languages and children growing up in homes of poverty learn the basic vocabulary of daily life. After I wrote a couple of my books, I went on a local television news program to show the books and discuss the importance of vocabulary. Later that day, I was amazed when I received a call from a clinical professor at a local university who worked with aphasia patients. She invited me to a group therapy session and told me to bring some of my books. When I first put them down, the clients leafed through them and put them in the middle of the table. I had no knowledge of aphasia or aphasia therapy, so you can imagine my surprise when the adults couldn't tell what kinds of things they had in their wallets! But I was thrilled when the therapist asked, "What did you have for breakfast?" and one of the clients grabbed my book and found the page with the egg and tapped the page and said, "egg." Later, she asked what kind of things people took to the beach and another client found the page with the bicycle and tapped the tire. Of course he was thinking about an inner tube. Whether you are a therapist or a spouse of someone suffering from aphasia perhaps my books can help. I sure hope so. For speech therapists working with language delayed children, the colorful photos in Parts of Everyday Things along with the hundreds of activities in Family Learning Time can give you a systematic way covering the vocabulary your clients need most - the basic vocabulary of everyday things.

Learn Basic English Book Cover

Adult workbook

These pages provide practice for recognizing and recalling the basic vocabulary of things around the house. Answers are provided which means aphasia sufferers can work at home.  Three activities are provided for each object with different levels of support.  Since you download this book, you can print as many times as needed for review.

Parts of Everyday Things Book Cover

Parts of Everyday Things

The color photographs make this book a favorite for both children and adults. The clinical professor I referenced above, also liked this one because she said it was colorful did not look child-like, so her adult clients didn't feel demeaned.

Family Learning Time Book Cover

FLT (English)

This book is full of simple show-and-talk activities requiring no special supplies.  You could extend the lessons by letting you clients color parts of the object as you give directions as a way of reviewing the vocabulary and practicing following oral directions.

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