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Students actually LOVE this dictionary!
“Our students couldn’t wait to get their hands on this book!”
Lynn Kendrick / Media Specialist / Ruskin Elementary

Combining Visual and Verbal learning

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Created by Janet Caruthers, Ed. S., a REAL TEACHER who is aware of the vocabulary our students REALLY need to know. It is based on the needs of REAL STUDENTS. It shows students the names of REAL THINGS present in their everyday life. Students need these words for reading comprehension, as well as talking about and writing about their own experiences.

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These are the words children really NEED to know!

• 62 common objects with parts labeled

• Index for easy reference and activities

• 52 “Tricky Questions” that include making analogies, critical thinking, compare/contrast

• Includes the names of REAL THINGS in their everyday life, necessary for conversation and detailed writing about their everyday activities

• Will improve reading comprehension and learning in general

These words will be the foundation students need to:

  • build broader concept knowledge.
  • strengthen word choice.
  • expand application of words across contexts.
  • build word relationships.
  • extend concepts.
  • make logical inferences.
  • increase understanding of multiple meaning words.
  • use knowledge of individual words to predict meaning of compound words.
  • increase understanding of figurative language, and visualize as they read.

If you want your students to be better at expressive tasks such as retelling/recounting, summarizing, conveying ideas accurately, writing informative or narrative pieces, and talking about or writing about their own experiences with precise details, then you must GIVE THEM THE WORDS they need.

Teaching Guide

ID Teaching Guide

  • Easy to follow directions for each object
  • Open-ended questions for each object
  • Literature link
  • "Extend the Lesson" activities with forms for activating
    and revisiting
  • Lessons encourage building communication skills
  • Created by an Acadenic Intervention Specialist
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