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EMPOWER your students! Give them the GIFT of a STRONG VOCABULARY!

Imagine your students:
  • able to learn new information faster and easier
  • able to make logical inferences as they read
  • having broader concept knowledge
  • writing with precise details
  • more successful at expressive tasks such as retelling and summarizing




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Illustrated Dictionary Book Cover


A dictionary for ages-18+ (with TE for extension lessons)

  • download onto laptop or tablet (saves time)
  • ready to use in guided or shared reading space, to SHOW when they don't know
  • give them a storehouse of words needed for:
    •  reading comprehension
    •  precision in writing and speaking
  • print pages for your:
    • writing center
    • vocabulary center
    • classroom reference library
  • easy to use (check out this video) video start button

Word Analysis Book Cover

A workbook with answer key for ages 9 - adult

Why teach thousands of individual words when you
can teach their interchangeable word parts?

  • 110 highly interchangeable word parts (morphemes)
  • everything has been done for you
  • each set includes 2 activities and 1 test
  • PERFECT for vocabulary center or partner learning
  • increase students' vocabulary by 1,000's of words
  • builds word consciousness
  • see our electronic flashcards for easy practice
  • normally $14.95 - end of the year special $12.95

Flashcards Cover


12 sets of electronic flashcards

  • a necessary part of any word analysis unit
  • cards transition automatically
  • project on board for whole class practice
  • put on individual computers for individual practice
  • provides spaced review (PERFECT for retention)
  • use with/without Word Analysis: The Key to Unlocking the Meaning of Words (see above)
  • (check out this video Flashcards video button

The New Book of Knowledge Book Cover

A teacher resource book for grades 2 - adult

  • things your students might not know (mine didn't) 
  • practical ideas to improve writing
  • pictures for centers or group instruction
  • wise/common expressions for improved writing
  • builds cultural literacy
  • give them a storehouse of words
  • $12.95
Workbook B Front Cover

Activity pack for grades 2+ (with TE for extension lessons)

  • PERFECT for centers
  • 30 vocabulary building images (76 pages)
  • practice phonics and spelling rules
  • fill  in labels using letters from the sound bank:
    • r-controlled vowels
    • digraphs
    • dipthongs
    • blends
  • self correcting with word bank on each page
  • categories: body/clothes/house/vehicles/animals
  • $7.95

Workbook C Front Cover

Activity pack for grades 3+ (with TE for extension lessons)

  • PERFECT for vocabulary or writing centers
  • 30 images with labeling lines (76 pages)
  • fill in the blanks with labels from the word bank
  • categories: body/clothes/house/vehicles/animals
  • increases reading comprehension
  • encourages using precise details in writing
  • $7.95

Vocabulary Center Book Cover

A teacher resource book for grades 2+

The more they talk and support their answers,
the more learning is taking place.

  • ready to use
  • practical ideas and forms for:
    •  vocabulary centers
    •  word walls
    •  partner learning assignments
  •  fosters student engagement
  • gets students working together... FUN!
  • $12.95

Adult Dictionary Book Cover

A visual dictionary for adult ELLs

  • everyday words
  • helps them communicate their needs and wants
  • builds confidence when talking about daily events
  • improves understanding of what they hear and read
  • $12.95


Adult Workbook cover
A workbook with answer key for adult ELLs
  • meaningful activities for your adult ELL classes
  • one-of-a-kind resource
  • teaches the American words needed to talk about things around their house
  • share with their children to help their children's reading comprehension
  • $12.95

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